ICImagingControl.LiveDisplayZoomFactor Property

Returns or sets the zoom factor of the video display window.
public double LiveDisplayZoomFactor;

The LiveDisplayZoomFactor property is used to zoom the video display window in IC Imaging Control's window.

Passing a value to LiveDisplayZoomFactor only takes an effect, if the LiveDisplayDefault property returns False.

If the LiveDisplayDefault property is set to True, the LiveDisplayZoomFactor property's value is reset to 1.0.

Changing the value of the LiveDisplayZoomFactor property causes scrollbars to be adjusted anew. It also changes the values of LiveDisplayHeight and LiveDisplayWidth.

Setting the LiveDisplayZoomFactor property will restore the original video format's image ratio.

The LiveDisplayZoomFactor defaults to 1.0. Valid values must be greater than 0. 1.0 means the original size of the video image.

See also: ICImagingControl, ICImagingControl.LiveDisplayDefault, ICImagingControl.LiveDisplayHeight, ICImagingControl.LiveDisplayLeft, ICImagingControl.LiveDisplayTop, ICImagingControl.LiveDisplayWidth, ICImagingControl.ScrollBarsEnabled

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