ICImagingControl.VideoNorms Property

Returns a collection of available video norms for the current device.
public VideoNorm[] VideoNorms;

Run time only, read only. Only available when a device is open and valid.


This example displays all available video norms supported by the current selected video capture device in a combo box. If no video norms are available, the text "n/a" will be displayed in the combo box. In this case the combo box will be disabled. If a device is valid, it must have a video norm anyway. The combo box for the video norms is named "cboVideoNorm" in this example.

cboVideoFormat.Items.Clear(); if( ICImagingControl1.VideoFormats.Length > 0 ) { // If video formats have been found, add them to the combobox. foreach( VideoFormat Item in ICImagingControl1.VideoFormats ) { cboVideoFormat.Items.Add(Item.Name); } cboVideoFormat.Enabled = true; cboVideoFormat.SelectedIndex = cboVideoFormat.Items.IndexOf(ICImagingControl1.VideoFormat); } else { // No video formats have been found. cboVideoFormat.Items.Add("n/a"); cboVideoFormat.Enabled = false; cboVideoFormat.SelectedIndex = 0; }

A complete example of how to get the video capture device properties can be found in Making Device Settings.

See also: ICImagingControl, VideoNorms, VideoNormAvailable, VideoNorm

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