Other Gstreamer Modules

This is a collection of gstreamer modules that are not provided by The Imaging Source


Allows overlays of timestamps or duration’s.


Capssetter allows to overwrite existing caps or to add information to existing ones.


Tee allows the sending of buffers to multiple modules at once. A typical example would be to send a videostream to a window for live preview and to additionally process it in the background.

After adding tee always use a queue to ensure that the following pipeline runs in its own thread.

For further info please consult the gstreamer documentation.


Let image buffer and bus messages pass only while the valve is open


Change the framerate by duplicating or dropping frames.


Change the resolution of an image stream by scaling up or down.


Receive image buffer in an application and use them directly. For examples how this may work, look at our examples folder.


Automatically creates sequential files. Certain actions are not possible with a multifilesink. Saving an avi file will not work as expected. Use a filesink or other sink instead.


Save a stream or stream buffer into a file.