Welcome to tiscamera’s documentation!

This is the user documentation for The Imaging Source Linux libraries.

If assistance is required at any point, please contact our support.


Tiscamera is an open source project published under the Apache 2.0 license. This allows user to easily integrate the project (or parts of it) into their own applications. Modifications or maintenance can be carried out without assistance of The Imaging Source. This allows for extended product life cycles.

The entire software stack is open to allow the usage of arbitrary hardware. The only requirement is a Linux based operating system.

Included Modules

  • GObject-Introspection

    Integration into various language environments is achieved via GObject-Introspection.

  • GStreamer modules

    Image streaming is performed with GStreamer.

  • auto algorithms

    Software based property adjustments for cameras not having internal auto algorithms.

  • tools

    Tools to make camera interactions easier. Includes things like GigE camera configuration, simple commandline application, live view


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