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Execute Commands

Execute Commands

This chapter documents the executable commands available in the The Imaging Source Cognex Vision Pro Plugin.


The plugin provides a so called feature_n feature, which is used to query the available features and execute commands. The following example source shows how to fill a combo box with the available execute commands. The name of execute commands combo box is cboExecutes.

ICogImagingDeviceAccess Feature = Camera.OwnedImagingDeviceAccess; String FeatureIndex; int i = 1; String ExecuteIndex; String ExecuteName = "n/a"; while (ExecuteName != "") { ExecuteIndex = String.Format("execute_{0}", i); ExecuteName = Feature.GetFeature(ExecuteIndex); if (ExecuteName != "") { cboExecutes.Items.Add(ExecuteName); i++; } }


Property Description
focus one push

Performs an automatic focus adjustment with one click.

gpio read

Reads the digital input of a video capture device.

gpio write

Writes the digital output to a video capture device.


Shows the a dialog with all properties of the video capture device.

white balance one push

Performs a white balance adjustment at one push.

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