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FrameHandlerSink::setSnapMode Method

FrameHandlerSink::setSnapMode Method

Changes this sink's operating mode between Grab and Snap mode. In grab mode, all frames reaching the sink are presented to the frame filter or filter chain and then copied into the MemBufferCollection. After that, the frameReady event of the GrabberListener is called. In snap mode, snapImages or snapImagesAsync has to be called in order to trigger the image acquisition process.
void setSnapMode( bool mode );
Parameter Description

A boolean determining the new snap mode.


The following example shows how to create a sink that runs in continuous mode:

// Create a sink, containing a MemBufferCollection of 5 buffers.
tFrameHandlerSinkPtr pSink = FrameHandlerSink::create( 5 );
// Disable snap mode.
pSink->setSnapMode( false );
// Set the sink.
m_Grabber.setSinkType( pSink );

See also: FrameHandlerSink, IFrameFilter, MemBufferCollection, GrabberListener, FrameHandlerSink::getSnapMode

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