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MemBufferCollection [Deprecated]

MemBufferCollection [Deprecated]

The MemBufferCollection stores several MemBuffers. The MemBufferCollection is organized as a ring buffer: If a frame is grabbed to the last buffer of the collection, the next frame will be grabbed to the first one.


Header File: tisudshl.h
Namespace: DShowLib
This class is deprecated since version 3.5.
Use a FrameQueueSink or FrameSnapSink to manage a collection of FrameQueueBuffers.


Method Description

This factory function creates a MemBufferCollection for use with the FrameHandlerSink or the Grabber.


Returns a smart_ptr to a BITMAPINFOHEADER structure, which describes the image data contained in the buffers of this collection.


Returns the number of bits that represent a single pixel in a buffer of the collection.


Returns a smart_ptr to the MemBuffer with the specified index. This method returns 0, if the MemBufferCollection is not initialized or the given index is greater than the number of contained buffers (see MemBufferCollection::getBufferCount ).


Returns the number of buffers stored in this collection.


Returns the size of valid data in the buffer in bytes.


Returns the number of bytes required for the image data of one buffer.


Returns the color format (organization of one pixel) of the image data stored in this collection. This method returns an undefined value, if the collection is not initialized. Use MemBufferCollection::getLastError in order to determine whether the returned color format is valid or not.


Returns the width and height in pixels of one frame stored in this collection.


Returns the frame type of the collection.


This method returns information about an error occurred during the last call to a method of this object.


Checks whether the collection is initialized.


Returns the MemBuffer at the specified index in the collection.


Saves all buffers of this collection to disk as a .BMP file.

Type Definitions

Type Description

A pointer to a BITMAPINFOHEADER structure.


A pointer to a MemBuffer.

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