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Grabber::setSinkType Method

Grabber::setSinkType Method

Sets the format of the sink. A sink specifies the output target of an image stream. A sink may only be set, if the image stream is in neither live mode, nor prepared mode.
bool setSinkType( smart_ptr<GrabberSinkType> pNewSink );
Parameter Description

Specifies the new sink type.

Return value:
Description Description
true The sink type was changed successfully.
false An error occurred.

For more information about sink types, please refer to: FrameHandlerSink, MediaStreamSink, FrameNotificationSink, FrameQueueSink and FrameSnapSink


This example demonstrates how to set a MediaStreamSink:

Grabber grabber;
if( !setupDeviceFromFile( grabber ) )
    return -1;

tCodecListPtr pCodecs = Codec::getAvailableCodecs();
// Display all codec names on the screen.
int choice = presentUserChoice( toStringArrayPtrListPtr( pCodecs ) );
if( choice == -1 )
    return -1;

// Create an MediaStreamSink to record an AVI file with the selected CoDec
tMediaStreamSinkPtr pSink = MediaStreamSink::create(
    MediaStreamContainer::create( MSC_AviContainer ), pCodecs->at( choice ) );
// Set the filename.
pSink->setFilename( filename );
// The sink is initially paused, so that no video data is written to the file.
pSink->setSinkMode( GrabberSinkType::ePAUSE );
// Set pSink as the current sink.
grabber.setSinkType( pSink );
// Start the live mode. The live video will be displayed but no images will be written
// to the AVI file because pSink is in pause mode.
if( !grabber.startLive( true ) )
    std::cerr << grabber.getLastError().toString() << std::endl;
    return -1;
std::cout << "Press [enter] to start capturing!";
// Start the sink. The image stream is written to the AVI file.
pSink->setSinkMode(GrabberSinkType::eRUN );
std::cout << "Video recording started." << std::endl;
std::cout << "Press [enter] to stop capturing!";
// Pause the sink. This stops writing the image stream to the AVI file.
// A subsequent call to setSinkMode with GrabberSinkType::eRUN as the
// parameter would restart AVI recording.
pSink->setSinkMode(GrabberSinkType::ePAUSE );
std::cout << "Video recording stopped." << std::endl;
// Stop the live mode. This stops writing images to the AVI file if the mode is not
// GrabberSinkType::ePAUSE. The AVI file is closed.

See also: Grabber, Grabber::startLive, Grabber::getSinkTypePtr, MediaStreamSink, FrameHandlerSink

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