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OverlayBitmap::drawFrameEllipse Method

OverlayBitmap::drawFrameEllipse Method

Draws the frame of an ellipse on the live video.
bool drawFrameEllipse( COLORREF color, const RECT& rect );
Parameter Description

Specifies the color of the ellipse. The color can be specified with the RGB macro.


Specifies the surrounding rectangle of the ellipse in pixel coordinates. A CRect object or a RECT structure can be passed for this parameter.

Return value:

true on success, false otherwise.


Introduced in version 2.0


This example demonstrates how draw two ellipses on the live video stream.

smart_ptr<DShowLib::OverlayBitmap> pOverlayBitmap;

pOverlayBitmap = m_Grabber.getOverlay( ePP_DEVICE );
// Make sure, the overlay is enabled.
// Draw a rectangle in magenta, using a CRect object.
pOverlayBitmap->drawFrameEllipse( RGB(255,0,255),
// Draw a rectangle in blue, using a RECT structure.
RECT rectangle;
rectangle.left   = 160;
rectangle.right  = 200;
rectangle.top    = 160;
rectangle.bottom = 180;
pOverlayBitmap->drawFrameEllipse( RGB(0,0,255),    rectangle);

See also: OverlayBitmap, OverlayBitmap::drawText, OverlayBitmap::drawLine, OverlayBitmap::drawSolidRect, OverlayBitmap::drawFrameRect, OverlayBitmap::drawSolidEllipse

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