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What's New in Version 3.4 since Version 3.3

What's New in Version 3.4 since Version 3.3

Description of the changes from IC Imaging Control 3.3 to IC Imaging Control 3.4.

Simplyfied deployment

All parts of the IC Imaging Control class library are now linked into a single file, TIS_UDSHL11.dll. It is linked statically, and thus does not have any dependencies on a specific C runtime library. It is therefore no longer required to install a C runtime library (unless your application depends on it). See Distributing your Applications for details on redistribution.

OverlayBitmap support for Y16 video format

The overlay bitmap can now be used when both the video format and sink format are set to Y16. It is no longer necessary to disable the overlay bitmap in this scenario.

Device availability change notification

The new GrabberListener::deviceListChanged callback can be used to react to changes to the list of available devices.

Enhanced Binning and Skipping video formats

The VideoFormatItem and VideoFormatDesc classes have been enhanced to support devices with enhanced binning and skipping features. The previously used VideoFormatItem::getBinningFactor has been superseeded by a family of functions describing the video format in more detail, e.g. VideoFormatItem::getBinningFactorVertical or VideoFormatDesc::getSkippingFactorHorizontal.

Extended IFrame information

The MediaSampleInfoDataStore object provides access to extended information about a frame via MediaSampleInfo or chunk data when provided by the driver.

New Features

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