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New classes and structures

New classes and structures

List of the classes that have been added in IC Imaging Control 3.5


The FrameQueueSink is the preferred sink when the application's task requires processing all frames in a video stream.


The FrameQueueSinkListener is the interface the FrameQueueSink uses to notify the listener of connect/disconnect operations on the sink and to notify of frames that arrived.


The FrameQueueBuffer is the interface for buffers used by the FrameQueueSink and the FrameSnapSink. IF you want to implement your own FrameQueueBuffer to queue in FrameQueueSink or FrameSnapSink, you derived from the FrameQueueUserBuffer class.


The FrameQueueUserBuffer can be used as the base class for specifc user implementations of a FrameQueueBuffer. You still have to implement the pure virutal IFrame::getPtr method. Otherwise all functions of a IFrame and FrameQueueBuffer are already implemented.


The FrameSnapSink is a sink type used to grab a number frames from the video stream on demand.


The FrameNotificationSink is a sink type that gives direct access to image data as it becomes available to the application, before even being copied into a dedicated image buffer.


The FrameNotificationSinkListener is the interface the FrameNotificationSink uses to notify about frames that were received from the video capture device as well as connect/disconnect operations on the sink.


The DriverFrameDropInformation contains information over how many frames the driver delivered versus how many it dropped and where those drops occurred in the pipeline.


The FrameMetaData structure contains metadata for an IFrame object.

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