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A MediaStreamContainer describes a video file format. The most common video file format is AVI.

A list of valid MediaStreamContainer objects can be obtained from MediaStreamContainer.MediaStreamContainers.


The following code fragment shows how to create a MediaStreamSink to record an AVI file:

// Create the MediaStreamSink. MediaStreamSink aviSink = new MediaStreamSink(); // Set AVI as the video file format. foreach( MediaStreamContainer msc in ICImagingControl1.MediaStreamContainers ) { if( msc.Name == "AVI" ) { aviSink.StreamContainer = msc; break; } } // Set DV Video encoder as the codec. foreach( AviCompressor codec in AviCompressor.AviCompressors ) { if( codec.Name == "DV Video Encoder" ) { aviSink.Codec = codec; break; } } // Set a target file name. aviSink.Filename = "video.avi"; // Set the sink. ICImagingControl1.Sink = aviSink; // Start recording. ICImagingControl1.LiveStart();


Namespace: TIS.Imaging
Introduced in version 3.0


Property Description

Returns whether a MediaStreamContainer allows an AviCompressor to be used to compress the recorded video.


Returns the GUID of a MediaStreamContainer.


Returns a list containing all available MediaStreamContainers.


Returns the name of the MediaStreamContainer.


Returns the default file extension for video files saved by this MediaStreamContainer.


Method Description

Creates an new MediaStreamContainer object.

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