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IFrameFilter::getData Method

IFrameFilter::getData Method

Reads a data parameter. A data parameter allows the the filter to provide a raw block of data to the user.
tFilterError getData( const std::string& name, void* pData, size_t& length );
tFilterError getData( const std::wstring& name, void* pData, size_t& length );

Parameter Description

The name of the data parameter to be read.


A pointer to a buffer that receives the data. Has to be at least length bytes in length.


Length of the buffer pointed to by pData.

Return Value:

A member of the tFilterError enumeration:

Value Description
eNO_ERROR The data was read successfully.
ePARAM_NOT_FOUND The filter does not have a parameter with the specified name. To obtain a list with the valid parameters, use getAvailableParameters.
eINCOMPATIBLE_PARAM_VALUE name is not a data parameter. To obtain a list with the valid parameters and its types, use getAvailableParameters.
eINVALID_FILTER_STATE The filter could return the data, because it is in a state that prevents the data from being read, e.g. not in live mode.

All calls to setData have to be inside a beginParamTransfer /endParamTransfer block.

See also: IFrameFilter, IFrameFilter::setData, IFrameFilter::getDataLength, IFrameFilter::getAvailableParameters

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