tcam-capture is the general purpose image retrieval application of The Imaging Source under Linux.
It is considered an application for debugging/testing purposes.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following is a complete list of shortcuts tcam-capture offers.

keyboard shortcuts




Quit tcam-capture


Open format dialog Requires a device to already be open.


Open info dialog


Open device dialog


Open property dialog Requires a device to be already open.

Commandline Arguments

tcam-capture has several optional arguments to change its behavior:

-h, --help

Show this help message and exit.


Display Qt specific options.

--serial <serial>

Open device with serial immediately.

-v, --version

Display version information.

Additionally GStreamer arguments can be passed to retrieve debug information about the streams. The following GStreamer commandline arguments are currently supported:


For more information concerning gstreamer debugging/logging, see Logging


The following is a description of all dialog windows tcam-capture may open.

Device Dialog

The device dialog will list all The Imaging Source devices that are supported by tiscamera.

To see which devices are supported by tiscamera, see supported devices.

Property Dialog

The property dialog allows interaction with all device properties.

Properties on the same tab are refreshed when: - The active tab is switched - The Refresh button is clicked - The user presses F5. - A property is changed

Caps Dialog

The caps dialog allows a full configuration of the used device format.



Lists version information about tiscamera and other The Imaging Source packages.

tiscamera will only be listed as installed when installed as a debian package.


The state tab will display the current json property description.

Clicking Reset will update the the description.

Clicking Apply will apply the string to the tcambin.


Conversion Element

Default: Auto

Selector for the tcambin property conversion-element.

See tcambin properties for details.


tcam-capture has a config directory that can be found at $XDG_CACHE_DIR/the_imaging_source/.

The default is: ~/.cache/the_imaging_source/