The tcam-gige-daemon is a daemon that keeps track of available GigE devices.

Searching the network for available devices takes time, making it preferable to have a local list available when a device is opened.

Available options

list        - list camera names
list-long   - list camera names, ip, mac
start       - start daemon and fork
  --no-fork - run daemon without forking
stop        - stop daemon

Lock File

The daemon creates a lock file to ensure no other instance is running. This file can be found at /var/lock/tcam-gige-daemon.lock.

Systemd Integration

The tcam-gige-daemon comes with a service file that allows systemd to control the daemon.

The following commands may be relevant in this regard:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload                      # make systemd aware of gige-daemon
sudo systemctl enable tcam-gige-daemon.service    # start on every boot
sudo systemctl start tcam-gige-daemon.service     # start the actual daemon
sudo systemctl status tcam-gige-daemon.service    # check if statemd say everything is ok

Restricting to certain interfaces

Per default, the tcam-gige-daemon will address all available interfaces. To restrict the daemon to a certain interface, initialize the process with the names of the interfaces to be queried.

tcam-gige-daemon start eth1 eth2 # eth0 would not be queried

This change has to be performed manually in the systemd config.