Network camera configuration tool. Allows IP configuration, firmware upload, etc.


The following arguments may be required by a command:

IDENTIFIER:Unique identifier of the camera: serial number, MAC or IP address
FILENAME:Filename of firmware file to upload
-h, --help

Show a help message


List connected cameras.


Format of the device-specific information that will be printed.

Default is msui.

list format options
Option Description
Name of the camera model
s Serial number of the camera
u User defined name, may be empty
i Current ip
n Current netmask
g Current gateway
I Persistent IP, may be empty
N Persistent netmask, may be empty
G Persistent gateway, may be empty
f Interface name, network interface that was used to reach the camera
d Yes/No field, stating if dhcp is enabled
S Yes/No field, stating if static ip settings are enabled
M MAC address of the camera
r Yes/No field saying if the camera is reachable for streaming

Show details of a camera.

Possible identifier would be the camera’s serial number or its MAC address.

set [--ip IP] [--netmask NETMASK] [--gateway GATEWAY] [--mode {dhcp,static,linklocal}] [--name NAME] IDENTIFIER

Permanently set configuration options on the camera

--ip IP

IP address to be set.

--netmask NETMASK

Netmask to be set.

--gateway GATEWAY

Gateway address to be set.

--mode {dhcp,static,linklocal}

IP configuration mode to be set.

--name NAME

Set a user-defined name. This is restricted to 15 characters or less.

rescue --ip IP --netmask NETMASK --gateway GATEWAY IDENTIFIER

Temporarily set IP configuration on the camera.

--ip IP

temporary IP address to be assigned

--netmask NETMASK

temporary netmask to be assigned

--gateway GATEWAY

temporary gateway address to be assigned


Upload a firmware file to the camera.

batchupload [-n] [-b baseadress] INTERFACE FILENAME

Upload a firmware file to all cameras connected to a network interface

-n, --noconfigure

do not auto-configure IP addresses before upload


lowest IP address to use for auto-configuration (default=x.x.x.10)

check-control IDENTIFIER

Checks if given camera is currently in use. Prints IP and port that currently controls the camera.