GStreamer 插件

tcamdutils for Linux ARM64

版本 0.13.2

tcamdutils is a GStreamer-1.0 module which offers a multitude of image enhancement and conversion algorithms. The module is highly optimized for speed on the used CPU (or CPU performance).

平台: LinuxLinux
版本: 0.13.2
发布: 4月 2021
类型: DEB
档案大小: 683.2 kB


  • For example NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ and Xavier™ NX
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or higher or Debian based Linux 64 bit
  • tiscamera GStreamer modules
  • The Imaging Source camera


Added IMX390 MIPI properties.

Transformation of MONO 8/10/12/16 to RGB formats.

Fixed: Timestamps and flags copied correctly per buffer. 最新 6月 2022 DEB 705.8 kB
0.14.0 7月 2021 DEB 695 kB
0.13.0 2月 2021 DEB 561.6 kB
1.0.0 3月 2020 DEB 354.9 kB