MIPI CSI-2 sensor modules


The Imaging Source offers a wide variety of high-performance, monochrome MIPI CSI-2 sensor modules for embedded machine vision applications. These sensor modules feature The Imaging Source's own 28-pin interface and so require an adapter for the target platform interface. This allows system engineers maximum flexibility in the design of their application. For plug-and-play integration with The Imaging Source's Development Kits for Raspberry Pi 4B, NVIDIA Jetson Nano and NVIDIA Xavier NX, The Imaging Source offers a sensor module plus adapter product: MIPI CSI-2 board cameras.

The MIPI CSI-2 protocol enables direct processor / ISP connection, avoiding latency issues and minimizing footprint and are perfect for single and multi-camera embedded vision applications in automotive and IoT as well as standard machine vision applications. The sensor modules feature the latest Sony and ONSemi CMOS sensors (global and rolling shutter).

  • Resolution: 0.4 MP - 5 MP
  • Frame rate: up to 120
  • Dimensions: Starting at 30 x 30 x 4.25 mm
  • Direct processor / ISP connection
  • OpenEmbedded layers to build custom images

Pre-built kernel drivers are available for the latest NVIDIA JetPack releases. The drivers are compliant with the NVIDIA l4t video4Linux interface and work with the standard NVIDIA software stack like JetCam, DeepStream SDK and others. The source code for all drivers is available upon request.

Product code Resolution (max) FPS (max) Format Sensor Trigger I/Os Type Shutter
DMM 37MX297-ML DMM 37MX297-ML 720×540 (0.4 MP) 120 1/2.9 inch IMX297 CMOS Pregius global
DMM 37MX296-ML DMM 37MX296-ML 1,440×1,080 (1.6 MP) 60 1/2.9 inch IMX296 CMOS Pregius global
DMM 37MX290-ML DMM 37MX290-ML 1,920×1,080 (2.1 MP) 60 1/2.8 inch IMX290 CMOS STARVIS rolling
DMM 37MR0234-ML DMM 37MR0234-ML 1,920×1,200 (2.3 MP) 60 1/2.6 inch AR0234CS CMOS global
DMM 37MX335-ML DMM 37MX335-ML 2,592×1,944 (5 MP) 30 1/2.8 inch IMX335 CMOS STARVIS rolling
Subject to change.

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