5 MP Polarization Cameras: A New Tool for Industrial Imaging

(September 27, 2019) - The Imaging Source, international manufacturer of machine vision cameras and software for industrial imaging, has just announced the immediate availability of two new polarization cameras featuring Sony's Polarsens™ 5.1 MP global-shutter CMOS image sensors (IMX250MZR/ IMX250MYR). These sensors capture visual data which cannot be obtained using other standard monochrome and color sensors. Sony's Polarsens technology uses four-directional (0°, 45°, 90°, 135°) nanowire micro-polarizers placed in front of each 2x2 pixel array (calculation unit) to deliver multi-directional polarized images.

Many materials, such as plastics, glass, metals and liquids display intrinsic polarization properties. The sensors' polarization filters make use of this to visualize material stress and surface scratches as well as to reduce unwanted glare, improve edge detection or to enhance contrast in low-contrast materials. The supplied IC Measure software supports various methods of processing the 2x2 pixel arrays.

The 5.1 MP cameras are available as color and monochrome variants with either a GigE (max. 24 fps) interface or a faster USB 3.0 interface (max. 75 fps).

(For additional technical information about the sensor and example applications, please read our white paper.)

The cameras are USB Vision and GigE Vision compliant, ensuring compatibility and easy integration with image processing software using the standard. The cameras' compact form factor (USB: 29x29x43 mm / GigE: 29x29x57 mm) and robust industrial design make these camera models ideally suited for machine vision tasks in production, inspection and quality assurance.

Included in delivery: Camera, driver for Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10, SDK IC Imaging Control 3.2 (.NET and C++ library), IC Measure and IC Capture. IC Measure is a powerful and versatile tool for measuring lengths, areas and angles. IC Capture is a powerful end-user software for setting all camera parameters and for displaying and saving single images and image sequences.

DYK 33UX250 - USB 3.0 Polarsens Color Industrial Camera

DZK 33UX250 - USB 3.0 Polarsens Monochrome Industrial Camera

DYK 33GX250 - GigE Polarsens Color Industrial Camera

DZK 33GX250 - GigE Polarsens Monochrome Industrial Camera

About The Imaging Source

The Imaging Source is a multinational enterprise with branches in the US, Taiwan and Germany. Established in 1988, The Imaging Source is one of the leading manufacturers of imaging products for scientific, industrial and medical applications. The industrial cameras, converters and frame grabbers manufactured by The Imaging Source are highly robust and are designed to run maintenance free for years in many applications: machine vision, AOI (automated optical inspection), visual inspection, factory automation, quality control, medical, life science, and microscopy, and amateur astronomy.

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About The Imaging Source

Established in 1988, The Imaging Source is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial cameras, video converters and embedded vision components for factory automation, quality assurance, medicine, science, security and a variety of other markets.

Our comprehensive range of cameras with USB 3.1, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, GigE, MIPI interfaces and other innovative machine vision products are renowned for their high quality and ability to meet the performance requirements of demanding applications.

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