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USB 3.1 color

The Imaging Source USB 3.1 (gen. 1) color board cameras combine the latest Sony Pregius and STARVIS CMOS sensor technology with the USB 3.1 reversible Type-C port connection to provide exceptional image quality and easy integration. These single-board cameras measure only 30 x 30 x 12 mm and offer maximum flexibility for a wide range of space-limited applications such as industrial automation, quality control, surveillance and medicine. The included software allows for the adjustment of gain, exposure, frame rate and white balance. Specific models are available with a variety of input, output, strobe and trigger options.

  • Resolution: VGA to 6 MP
  • Frame rate: Up to 539 fps
  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 12 mm
  • Sony STARVIS and Pregius CMOS sensors
  • M12 lens compatibility
  • Free software for camera control
  • Free barcode SDK for Windows 7/8/10

Windows software: The Imaging Source authors and supports device drivers, software development kits (SDKs), programming samples, extensions, end user software and software tools for Microsoft Windows.

Linux software: The Imaging Source authors and supports open source drivers and end-user software for Linux, the source code of which is released under Apache 2.0 license.

Product code Megapixel Resolution FPS Format Sensor Trigger I/Os Sensor type Shutter
DFM 37UX287-ML DFM 37UX287-ML 0.4 MP 720×540 539 1/2.9 inch IMX287 CMOS Pregius global
DFM 37UX273-ML DFM 37UX273-ML 1.6 MP 1,440×1,080 238 1/2.9 inch IMX273 CMOS Pregius global
DFM 37UX462-ML DFM 37UX462-ML 2.1 MP 1,920×1,080 143 1/2.8 inch IMX462 CMOS STARVIS rolling
DFM 37UX290-ML DFM 37UX290-ML 2.1 MP 1,920×1,080 143 1/2.8 inch IMX290 CMOS STARVIS rolling
DFM 37UX265-ML DFM 37UX265-ML 3.1 MP 2,048×1,536 60 1/1.8 inch IMX265 CMOS Pregius global
DFM 37UX252-ML DFM 37UX252-ML 3.1 MP 2,048×1,536 119 1/1.8 inch IMX252 CMOS Pregius global
DFM 37UX264-ML DFM 37UX264-ML 5 MP 2,448×2,048 38 2/3 inch IMX264 CMOS Pregius global
DFM 37UX250-ML DFM 37UX250-ML 5 MP 2,448×2,048 75 2/3 inch IMX250 CMOS Pregius global
DFM 37UX178-ML DFM 37UX178-ML 6.3 MP 3,072×2,048 60 1/1.8 inch IMX178 CMOS STARVIS rolling
DFM 37UX226-ML DFM 37UX226-ML 12 MP 4,000×3,000 30 1/1.7 inch IMX226 CMOS STARVIS rolling
Subject to change.

About The Imaging Source

Established in 1988, The Imaging Source is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial cameras, video converters and embedded vision components for factory automation, quality assurance, medicine, science, security and a variety of other markets.

Our comprehensive range of cameras with USB 3.1, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, GigE, MIPI interfaces and other innovative machine vision products are renowned for their high quality and ability to meet the performance requirements of demanding applications.

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