Comprehensive software for machine vision with an IDE that is used worldwide

MVTec HALCON is one of the leading software libraries for industrial image processing (Machine Vision) that is used worldwide. The system is multiply deployable due to its compatibility to the operating systems Windows, Linux and macOS. The full library can be accessed from common programming languages like C, C++ and .NET languages like C# or VB.NET and can thereby be integrated easily into any type of application. Furthermore it enables the portability to other non standard operating systems or the integration into new programming environments by its flexible architecture.

  • What is HALCON?

    The integrated development environment HDevelop facilitates rapid prototyping which means cost and time saving. Besides outstanding performance and GPU acceleration HALCON provides more than 2,000 operators to solve various tasks in an industrial context.

    Methods for blob analysis, a large variety of matching technologies, morphological operations, models for classification and measuring algorithms only present a small part of the extensive functionality of HALCON.



    The software guarantees hardware independence by providing interfaces to hundreds of industrial cameras and frame grabbers, in particular by supporting standards like GenICam, GigE Vision, and USB3 Vision.

    Learn more about the functionality of HALCON, the different editions and deep learning technologies in HALCON. We offer both standard training courses on specific topics as well as customer-specific training for HALCON and MERLIC. If you are interested in the training seminars, take a look at our training portfolio and the current dates.

  • Key features

    MVTec's software solution HALCON offers the full set of standard machine vision technologies. Beyond that, HALCON provides many unique features.

    3D vision methods

    • Multi-view 3D calibration
    • Hand-eye-calibration
    • 3D alignment
    • 3D matching
    • 3D surface comparison
    • Circle pose
    • Rectangle pose
    • 3D reconstruction
    • Multi-view stereo
    • depth of focus
    • Sheet of light
    • 3D object processing
    • 3D primitives fitting
    • 3D scene flow
    • Deflectometry

    Deep learning

    • Deep-learning-based OCR
    • Pre-trained CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks) for fast application creation
    • Classification
    • Object recognition
    • Semantic segmentation
    • Data labelling
    • Deep learning inference executed on GPUs, as well as on CPUs

    Matching techniques

    • Correlation-based matching (NCC)
    • Shape-based matching
    • Component-based
    • Descriptor-based matching
    • Perspective and local deformable matching
    • Shape- and surface-based 3D matching
    • Deformable surface-based 3D matching

    Unique techniques

    • Sample-based identification for differentiating a large number of objects
    • Arbitrarily shaped regions of interest (ROIs)
    • Extremely fast morphology and a wide set of subpixel-accurate methods
    • Reading of bar codes and data codes with maximum robustness
    • Processing of extremely large images (more than 32k x 32k)
    • Automatic operator parallelization (AOP)
    • Surface-based 3D matching to find locally deformed objects in 3D data
  • SDK editions

    Starting with version 17.12, HALCON is available in two different software editions:

    HALCON Progress edition
    HALCON Progress edition
    HALCON Steady edition
    HALCON Steady edition
    Licensing: Yearly subscription fee.
    SDK only usable as long as the subscription is valid.
    Access to all releases during a valid subscription.
    Buy once, use forever.
    Release cycle: Approximately every 6 months, major new features in each release. Approximately every two years, only bug-fix and maintenance updates.
    Latest release: 22.11 22.11
    Access to new features: Every 6 months with each new release. Every two years with every major release.
    Support: Support, as long as the subscription is valid. Long-term support.
    HDevEngine: Included. Included.
    HDevelop: Included. Included.
    Runtime licenses: Unlimited. Unlimited.
    Runtime license upgradability: Free upgrades for two years. Upon request.

    We will be happy to help you choose the right edition for you. Simply contact us via our contact form.

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