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MERLIC is MVTec's all-in-one software product for quickly building machine vision applications without programming. Based on MVTec's extensive machine vision expertise, it combines fast, reliable performance with ease-of-use. MERLIC 5 includes state-of-the-art deep learning technologies such as "Detect Anomalies" and "Classify Image" tools and is available for the first time as a "package" licensing model. This model allows customers to choose the package which best fits the scope of their application. Based on the number of image sources and features required, users can select the packages Small, Medium, Large and X-Large .

Deep Learning Tools

Easier than ever before, MERLIC users can harness the power of deep learning. MERLIC 5 includes the "Detect Anomalies" tool which performs all training and processing steps to detect anomalies directly in MERLIC as well as the "Classify Image" tool which enables the use of classifiers in MERLIC.

Extension Tools

The integrated tool library in MERLIC not only contains a number of tools for standard vision tasks, but can also be expanded with the "Extension Tool Add-On". This will particularly enable more sophisticated users to implement their custom tools based on MVTec HALCON.

Parallel Tool Execution

One highlight of MVTec MERLIC is the parallel processing and execution of different tools. Parallel tool execution enables the simple implementation of multi-camera setups and efficient use of system computing power.

Integrated PLC Communication

In addition to industrial image processing, MERLIC enables access to all elements of the machine vision periphery and a seamless PLC connection via Hilscher PC cards. Applications developed with MERLIC can thus be ideally integrated into the production hierarchy.

Image-Centered User Interface without Programming

The image-centered design allows you to configure the application directly via the image without the need to write source code or to adjust lots of parameters.


An outstanding, innovative, and unique feature in MERLIC is the "easyTouch" concept. It guides you towards your solution interactively.

Multiple Languages

The graphical user interface (GUI) as well as the entire standard documentation is available for you in simplified and traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, and Thai.

MERLIC Designer

Interactively design a frontend for your application: choose between various widgets and simply place them by drag-and-drop.

Multiple Frontends

MERLIC allows you to run the frontend and the processing of your application on separate computers. You can also open various frontends from different computers to control or operate the machine.

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