Lenses and Optics for
Industrial Imaging from The Imaging Source

Always the right lens for your industrial camera-from cost-optimized M12 lenses to high-performance lenses delivering optimal resolution and contrast rendition.

Robust image processing begins with consistently high-quality images: high resolution with preserved contrast.

Along with sensor selection, imaging lenses represent a fundamental component of every machine vision system.

The Imaging Source offers perfectly matched machine vision optics for every industrial camera in its broad portfolio. Whether it be C-mount lenses with highest imaging performance, fixed-focus macro lenses or even inexpensive M12 lenses.

Allow us to help you select the ideal combination of camera and optics for your machine vision application. Contact our machine vision experts anytime!

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  • Lens mount types: M12x0.5, CS mount, C mount
  • Focal lengths: 1.4 mm to 75 mm
  • Sensor sizes (2x image height): 1/3" to 1.1"
  • Magnifications (fixed focus): 0.3x to 8.5x
  • Warranty and long-term availability: 3-year warranty and continuous support
  • Over 100 lenses: Our large portfolio of TIS-branded lenses and products from renowned optics manufacturers provides you with absolute selection flexibility

Overview of Lenses and Lens Accessories from The Imaging Source

C/CS Mount Lenses for Industrial Imaging

High-performance internal-focus lenses with variable aperture

TIS 5 MP lens series
TIS Compact lens series
TIS 1" lens series

The Imaging Source's housed industrial cameras ship with either C- or CS-mounts, and we offer a broad range of suitable lenses-from high-end C-mount lenses to inexpensive CS-mount lenses.

Cost-optimized vision solutions can be realized with cameras using a small sensor and CS-mount lenses. These affordable lenses have a shorter flange focal distance, allowing for a smaller footprint. At the same time, the aperture of a CS-mount lens can be adjusted, increasing overall system flexibility.

For vision applications requiring high-performance imaging, we recommend C-mount lenses. These industrial camera lenses typically consist of more optical elements-optimally resolving the newer, larger sensors with improved correction of common lens aberrations.

M12 (S-mount) Mini Board Lenses

Robust fixed-focus lenses with external focus adjustment

Compact and lightweight M12 lenses are typically used in conjunction with board cameras. The M12 lenses' fixed aperture makes them more resistant to mechanical stresses such as vibrations or shocks.

Due to their smaller optical components and simpler focusing system, M12 lenses are also less expensive than C/CS-mount lenses. When used with CS-mount cameras, M12 lenses can also provide super wide-angle FOVs.

The board-camera and M12 lens combination delivers one of the lightest and most compact industrial imaging solutions possible.

TIS Low Distortion board lens series
TIS Standard board lens series

C-mount Extension Tubes and Spacer Rings

For applications with short working distances / higher magnification requirements

Extension tubes and rings: short working distances, higher magnification

In addition to The Imaging Source's broad portfolio of lenses, we also offer extension tubes and spacer rings to allow for maximum system flexibility. Extension rings and spacers are especially useful when imaging an object field that is closer to the camera than allowed by the minimum focus distance (MOD) of the lens.

Optical Filters for Industrial Imaging

Optimal contrast for image processing reproducibility and stability

The primary task of any vision system's hardware is the production of high-contrast images, allowing for relevant image data extraction and reduced processing time. Optical filters for machine vision applications deliver significant improvements to image contrast. Bandpass filters, for example, greatly improve contrast in monochrome images while polarization filters reduce glare and surface reflections.

We are happy to help you with the selection of optical filters suitable for your machine vision application.

Optical filters: low-cost solution that can
vastly improve vision system performance

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