IC Capture

Capture images and control The Imaging Source cameras and grabbers

IC Capture
IC Capture

IC Capture is an end-user application to acquire images from any video device, manufactured by The Imaging Source, including industrial cameras, frame grabbers and video converters. All the properties of video devices, such as video formats, exposure times and many more can be set. All video devices connected to the computer are recognized automatically and multiple video sources can be opened in IC Capture simultaneously.

IC Capture
IC Capture

Three ways to capture images

  • Single images can be saved manually
  • Image sequences can be saved manually
  • Image sequences can be saved via a timer
    • For example: Save 1 image per second for 24 hours

Acquisition of single images

Single image frames can be captured from a live video stream and can be saved to a BMP, TIFF or JPEG file.

Acquisition of an image sequence

A number of frames can be acquired and saved to a sequence of image files. This can be done by pressing the space key, pressing a foot switch, or automatically, using a timer. The timer allows the time interval to be defined between two images. The number of image frames, which are saved can be limited by either a specific number of by a time limit.

Automatic filename generation

The name of the files written to disk can be created automatically. The filenames consist of a prefix, and an optional time stamp or sequence number.


If a camera is set to trigger mode, the camera waits for an external event to deliver a single image. IC Capture supports this camera feature and is able to save the images. An external trigger signal can also be used to synchronize several cameras.

AVI capture and codec support

IC Capture saves image streams directly to AVI files, either uncompressed, or by using software codecs for image compression. AVI capture also works with triggered cameras. All installed image compression codecs can be selected in IC Capture, and used to compress the video stream.

Save and restore all device properties

All settings made in IC Capture can be stored and used for future purposes.

Brightness, contrast, saturation, gain, zoom, focus, iris etc.

All available camera properties can be adjusted in IC Capture.

Horizontal and vertical flip (mirror function)

IC Capture can flip the live video stream horizontally and vertically.

Rotate live video stream

IC Capture can rotate the live video stream 90°, 180° and 270°. 90° rotation is often used for body scans.

Region of interest (ROI)

IC Capture allows a region of interest to be defined.

Frame rate adjustment

All frame rates supported by the video capture device can be selected.

Exposure adjustment and long time exposure

Several cameras, manufactured by The Imaging Source, support long exposure times of up to one hour, or short exposure times of 1/100,000 second to capture fast moving objects.

White balance and color temperature

IC Capture supports the gray world and color temperature models to adjust the white balance. If the color temperature of the light source is known, the color temperature model delivers best results. Under daylight conditions, where the color temperature constantly changes, the gray world model is recommended.

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