Scan and digitize paper documents (books, magazines etc) and 3D objects

Scan2Docx is a powerful scan software to scan all kinds of documents, magazines, books and objects. Furthermore, the software is ideally suited to scan ID cards, passports, business cards and driver licenses. A foot switch is available as an option. The Imaging Source provides two A4 scanners with 13 MP (350 dpi) and 5 MP (200 dpi) resolution. An A4 (350 dpi) page is scanned in less than one second. The integrated Abbyy FineReader OCR software provides very accurate text recognition.

Key features

  • Scans documents up to letter format
  • Live Preview
  • Integrated Abbyy FineReader OCR
  • Creates multi page PDFs, DOCX and MS Word files
  • Saves single images as JPEG, TIFF, PNG and BMP
  • Loads PDFs, DOCX files and images
  • Supports the 13 and 5 MP camera scanners from The Imaging Source

Live Preview

The live preview shows the full scan area. An adjustable scan frame can be placed on this area to select a region of interest. After pressing the scan button, this region is scanned and shown as a thumbnail. A double click on the thumbnail shows the scan.

Zoom in and out

Zoom in and out is used to quickly navigate on the live preview.

Rotate and flip (mirror)

The live preview can be rotated in steps of 90 degrees. This is particularly helpful to scan pages out of magazines and books.

Single and multiple document scan

In single document scan mode, pages are scanned page after page and shown as thumbnails. In multi scan mode, several documents, such as business cards, receipts, tickets etc. can be placed inside the scan area. Scan2Docx finds the documents automatically, corrects the orientation and shows each document as a thumbnail.

Multi page PDF

Books, multi page documents or magazines can be scanned from the beginning to end. The single pages are displayed as thumbnails. The order of the thumbnails can be rearranged manually. This is very helpful to include a page or correct a scanning mistake. Furthermore, it is possible to load an image from a file and include it in a multi page PDF. There are two ways to save the scanned pages in a multi page PDF: Either as compressed JPEGs, or as fully searchable PDF pages with formatted text and layout information.

Text recognition (OCR)

The integrated Abbyy FineReader OCR software supports English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish and provides accurate recognition results. The output format can be either PDF or RTF. If PDF format is chosen, it is possible to generate documents with text only, or image on text, or text on image, or image only. PDF documents also re-create the document's logical structure and formatting.

Document import and export

Scan2Docx imports images and text files. These can be merged with the scanned documents. Documents can be exported either as PDF, MS Word or DOCX documents.

Saving images

Single images can be saved as JPEG, TIFF, PNG or BMP. When saving a JPEG, the compression rate (image quality) can be adjusted.

Camera adjustments

All possible camera adjustments, such as exposure time, frame rate, gain, color saturation, sharpness, denoise etc. are available to adapt the scanner to different lighting situation.

Paper white

The paper white feature was implemented to keep a white background white even under difficult lighting conditions.


The autofocus function of the 13 MP scanner from The Imaging Source is supported.

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