Scan and read aloud all kinds of printed materials (magazines, books etc)

Scan2Voice is a new breed of portable desktop magnifier, which can read documents aloud. It comes with an electronic magnifying glass, word processor, audio book creator and many more useful functions. The solution consists of a portable scanner and software application.

Key features

  • Portable and accessible
  • Desktop magnifier
  • Reading solution
  • Audio book creator
  • Up to 70x magnification
  • High speed scanning
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Weighs only 1 kg

The foldable scanner can be clicked into the letter position, zoom position 1 and zoom position 2, whiteboard position and transport position. The scanner weighs only 1 kg and can thus be easily transported. It is suited to be used in the workplace, at school or at home.

Up to 70x magnification

When developing the electronic 70x magnifying glass, particular attention was placed on its usability in day-to-day scenarios. It is possible, for example, to easily navigate around a scanned document or object. The magnifying glass works on the live video stream, scanned images and text converted with the included OCR.

Scan a page in less than a second

An entire letter page can be scanned in less than 1 second at a resolution of more than 200 dpi. This is a very powerful feature to quickly scan, for example, books, magazines and batches of documents. Thanks to this high resolution, an optical zoom is no longer required. The electronic zoom makes navigating around the document much easier than moving the document beneath the camera.

Color enhancement and false colors

To increase the readability of text, a number of image enhancements are available: Contrast enhancement, inversion of colors and false colors - for example, white text on a black background, or white text on a blue background.

Large depth of field

The combination of the scanner's large depth of field and live video stream mode allows text on yogurt pots, pizza boxes, telephones and remote controls, for example to be easily read.

Word processing

Scan2Voice ships with an integrated word processor that can be used to edit texts that have been converted with ABBYY® FineReader OCR, copied from the clipboard or from a Microsoft Word document. This allows scanned paper documents and electronic documents to be read aloud and for the creation of audio books. Documents can be saved as DOC or PDF files.

Whiteboard position

To scan large or distant objects, such as posters or whiteboards, the scanner can be flipped over into the whiteboard position.

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