To allow for an easy The format of this state is JSON.

A single property looks like this:

    "Exposure": 3000

A Property consists out of the fields ‘name’ and ‘value’.

  • name is a string containing the property identifier.

  • value contains the actual value. The interpretation of this field is done automatically.

In the case of an error a message will the written to TCAM_LOG. The property will be ignored.

Properties of the type ‘button’ are not added to a state description.

    "serial": "19951234",
    "version": "0.0.1",
    "properties": {
             "Exposure": 3000,
             "Exposure Auto": false

The fields “serial” and “version” are optional to allow simple state descriptions for gst-launch.


gst-launch-1.0 tcamsrc serial=12341234 state='{\"Exposure\":3000,"Exposure\ Auto\":false}' ! ....

Please keep in mind that shell environments have special requirements concerning special characters such as ", ' and :space: .

When loading states from files in full grown applications it is recommended to include these values as security measurements. If the serial miss matches the loading will be aborted. If the json version miss matches the loading will be aborted.