IC Imaging Control

SDK to capture images and video streams, and parameterize video sources

IC Imaging Control is an SDK for acquiring images from a video source, such as The Imaging Source machine vision cameras, frame grabbers and video converters. The SDK automatically recognizes video sources, which are installed on the PC and enables you to switch between them via program code. You can capture single images, sequences of single images, and live video streams from the connected video source.

Key features

  • Programmable access to video capture sources
  • Set and adjust device parameters
  • Save images and image sequences
  • Overlay graphics and text on live stream
  • .NET component, ActiveX component and C++ class library
  • Supports all cameras and frame grabbers from The Imaging Source

Real-time video preview

IC Imaging Control allows the real-time preview of video streams, up to the maximum frame rate of the video capture device. Furthermore, IC Imaging Control can preview multiple video streams at once, making it suited to surveillance applications.

Graphic overlay

IC Imaging Control provides a powerful overlay object that allows text and graphics to be drawn onto the live video stream. An overlay event allows the overlay to be modified for every frame of an image stream. It is therefore possible to draw a frame count, clock or sensor information on the video stream, for example. The overlay can be either rendered on the live display, in the AVI file or in the ring buffer.

Scroll and zoom

IC Imaging Control provides built in scrolling and zooming. The image can be easily zoomed to fit the size of the control or the entire window.

Acquisition of single frames

Single image frames can be captured from a live video stream.

Save image to file (BMP, TIFF, JPEG)

Once images have been acquired to the image buffer, they may be saved as a BMP, TIFF or JPEG file.

Acquisition of single frames

A number of frames can be acquired to image buffers, which are organized as a ring buffer.

Event controlled image processing

IC Imaging Control fires an event each time it has finished writing to an image buffer. This has the advantage that the end-user application does not have to check the most recent complete image.


IC Imaging Control provides timestamps for every frame of the image stream.

Video capture device selection

IC Imaging Control automatically recognizes video capture devices from The Imaging Source.

Video capture device selection with shipped dialog

IC Imaging Control provides a dialog box that allows the end-user to open a device and to configure the video norm, video format, input channel, frame rate and orientation (horizontal and vertical flip state).

Brightness, contrast, saturation, gain, zoom, focus, iris etc.

Video capture devices can be queried from program code for their settings in order to build customized dialog boxes. Among others, the following image settings are supported: brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gain and exposure. All changes in settings are immediately visible on the live video stream.

Dialog to manipulate all properties

IC Imaging Control provides a dialog that allows you to manipulate all properties of a video capture device.

Serial numbers

If supported by the video capture device, its serial number can be retrieved with IC Imaging Control and can be used as a dongle.

Save and restore all device properties

IC Imaging Control allows the settings of the currently opened video capture device to be saved to memory, or to a file. These settings can then be loaded to restore the state of the video capture device.

Horizontal and vertical flip

IC Imaging Control can flip the live video stream horizontally or vertically.

Rotate live video stream

IC Imaging Control can rotate the live video stream 90°, 180° or 270°.

Region of interest (ROI)

In addition to processing the full video stream, IC Imaging Control allows you to define a region of interest (ROI), upon which, all of IC Imaging Control's functions can be applied.

Frame rate adjustment

All frame rates supported by the video capture device can be set.


Hardware and software trigger are supported.

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Download IC Imaging Control

IC Imaging Control is a free download for Windows, available in the following versions:

IC Imaging Control C++ Class Library for C++ Projects
IC Imaging Control .NET Component for C# and VB.NET Projects
IC Imaging Control ActiveX
IC Imaging Control ActiveX Runtime Setup
IC Imaging Control - Sample Library

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