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Saving a video

Saving a video

Here you will learn how to save a video stream as a video file to your hard disk.

The easiest way to save a video file is to use the Recording Bar. To display the Recording Bar, right click on the empty area to the right of the Main Toolbar and choose Recording Bar in the context menu. Another way is to use the menu: View -> Toolbars -> Recording Bar.

Video settings

First of all, a name for the video file has to be specified. To do this, click on the "file name" button image of the Recording Bar. Next, select a codec to compress the image data before it is written to the video file. Just click on the codec selection combo box image and select a suitable codec. We recommend the preselected codec (LEAD MCMP/MJPEG), as it produces good results even on less powerful systems. Most codecs enable the user to alter parameters - such as compression factor - through a separate dialog box. If a codec provides a settings dialog, the "codec settings" button image is enabled. Clicking on this button image opens the settings dialog box of the selected codec. The preselected codec 'LEAD MCMP/MJPEG' allows you to specify the quality (compression factor) of the video. Lower quality settings will cause fewer dropped frames on less powerful systems.

Record and check the video file

Now the video file is setup, you may start recording. Click the "pause button" image to initiate the process. Click the "pause button" image again or the "record button" image to start recording. The recording may be stopped by clicking the "stop button" image After the recording has been stopped, you may check the quality of the video by clicking the "Check Recorded Video" button image IC Capture 2.3 opens a new window when playing back the video. There are buttons at the top of the window for navigating through the video. Close the video playback window to proceed.

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