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IC Capture

Toolbar Reference

Toolbar Reference

Toolbars provide a more convenient access to properties and commands than using the menu or dialogs. Toolbars may be displayed or hidden using the view menu and/or the Toolbar Manager.

Main Toolbar

This toolbar allows you to open new devices, control the the live display, save images, specify the capture mode (trigger) and displaying help information.

Device Bar

This toolbar allows you to change the capture device that is associated with the currently active window and specify basic settings of the device.

Recording Bar

This toolbar provides easy access to all functionality that is needed to setup and record a video file.

Image Sequence Bar

This toolbar provides functionality to setup and save a sequence of single images. Image sequences are often used in applications that are deployed in documentation processes, such as quality insurance (part inspection etc.).

Exposure Bar

This toolbar allows the current device's brightness, contrast and exposure properties to be adjusted.

Gamma & Sharpness Bar

This toolbar allows the current device's gain, sharpness and gamma properties to be adjusted.

White Balance Bar

This toolbar allows you to setup white balance. If the capture device does not support separate setting for the red and blue component, only one slider control will be available in this toolbar.

Color & Backlight Bar

This toolbar allows the current device's color properties to be adjusted.

Zoom & Focus Bar

This toolbar allows adjusting the current device's zoom, focus and iris properties.

Drive Control Bar

This toolbar provides functionality to control the tape drive of a capture device. Only DV camcorders and DV VCRs have tape drives. If the currently active device is not equipped with a tape drive, this toolbar is disabled and cannot be displayed.

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