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AviSink [Deprecated]

AviSink [Deprecated]

The AviSink writes the image stream that comes from the currently active video capture device, to an avi file. If a codec is specified in the constructor AviSink::AviSink, the image stream is compressed using this codec.


Since this class will not be available in future versions of IC Imaging Control, the class MediaStreamSink should be used instead. The following code fragment shows you how to setup a MediaStreamSink to record AVI files:

// Select the first available codec.
tCodecPtr pCodec = Codec::getAvailableCodecs()->at( 0 );
// Create a media stream sink to record AVI files, using this codec.
tMediaStreamSinkPtr pSink = MediaStreamSink::create( MSC_AviContainer, pCodec );
// Set a video file name.
pSink->setFilename( "test.avi" );
// Set the sink.
m_Grabber.setSinkType( pSink );


Header File: tisudshl.h
Namespace: DShowLib
This class is deprecated since version 3.0.
To record any kind of video file, use MediaStreamSink.




Method Description

Constructs a AviSink object.


Returns the GUID of the codec associated with this AviSink.


Returns the name of the avi file to which the video stream will be written.


Retrieves the associated FilterInfoObject representing the AVI Codec.


This method returns the type of this sink: eAviSink.

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