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FrameGrabberSink [Deprecated]

FrameGrabberSink [Deprecated]

The FrameGrabberSink is the SinkType used to grab (copy) frames from the image stream to the buffers of the currently active MemBufferCollection. Frames are copied one after another, starting with the first buffer of MemBufferCollection. When a frame is copied into the last buffer, the next frame is copied to the first buffer and so on.

There is a grab mode and a snap mode for grabbing frames. This mode has to be specified in the constructor of FrameGrabberSink. In grab mode, frames are continuously copied to MemBufferCollection as soon as Grabber::startLive is called. A call to Grabber::stopLive ends the copy process. On the other hand, in snap mode, every call to Grabber::snapImages copies the specified number of frames to the MemBufferCollection. Grabber::startLive has to be called before any call to Grabber::snapImages.


Since the FrameGrabberSink will not be available in future versions of the library, code that uses this sink should be ported to use the new FrameHandlerSink. You should consider the following when you port code:


Header File: tisudshl.h
Namespace: DShowLib
This class is deprecated since version 3.0.
Please use the new FrameHandlerSink instead.




Method Description

Constructs a new FrameGrabberSink object.


Returns the color format (bit depth and organization of a pixel) of the associated image buffers.


Returns the currently active mode.


Returns the type of this sink.


Creates a new MemBufferCollection, which fits to this sink.


Assigns a FrameGrabberSink to this object.


Enumeration Description

tFrameGrabberMode enumerates the possible modes in which frames can be grabbed to the memory buffer.

Type Definitions

Type Description

A pointer to a MemBufferCollection.

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