IC Imaging Control C++

First Steps VC6

First Steps VC6

Select a Video Capture Device and display a Live Image

Select "Class Wizard..." in the "View" menu to open the class wizard. Select "CFirstStepView" in the "Class name" field. Then select "OnInitialUpdate" in the "Messages" list and press the "Add function" button.


In order to select a video capture device, use the built-in device selection dialog. This is done in the "OnInitialUpdate" method of the CFirstStepView class, generated by the class wizard. Change its code as follows:

void CFirstStepView::OnInitialUpdate() 
    // TODO: Add your specialized code here and/or call the base class
    // Get the grabber from the document class.
    DShowLib::Grabber* pGrabber = GetDocument()->m_pGrabber;
    // Show the device page.
    // Check if there is a valid device.
    if( pGrabber->isDevValid() )
        // Set the window that should display the live video.
        pGrabber->setHWND( m_hWnd );    
        // Start the live video.
        AfxMessageBox( TEXT("No device was selected.") );

The OnCloseDocument method closes the device when the program terminates. To add the OnCloseDocument method, open the class wizard and select "CFirstStepDoc" in the "Class name" field. Select "OnCloseDocument" in the "Messages" list and press the "Add function" button. Insert the following code into the OnCloseDocument method:

void CFirstStepDoc::OnCloseDocument() 
    // TODO: Add your specialized code here and/or call the base class
    // Stop live mode.
    // this call will also succeed if no device is open

Now compile and run the project. After a device has been selected in the device selection dialog, a live image will be displayed.

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