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Grabber::isPropertyAutomationEnabled Method

Grabber::isPropertyAutomationEnabled Method

Checks whether the automation for a specific property is enabled.
bool isPropertyAutomationEnabled( tCameraPropertyEnum CameraPropType ) const;
bool isPropertyAutomationEnabled( VideoPropertyEnum VideoPropType) const;
Parameter Description

@@NONSENSE@@ Specifies the camera property which automation status should be determined. The possible properties are specified in Grabber::tCameraPropertyEnum.


@@NONSENSE@@ Specifies the video property which automation status should be determined. The possible properties are specified by Grabber::tVideoPropertyEnum.

Return value:

true, if automation is enabled for the given property, false otherwise.


Checks whether a device property is set automatically by the video capture device.

Some video capture devices are capable of setting certain properties such as brightness, contrast or focus automatically. If the property automation is enabled, it cannot be set manually by calling the Grabber::setProperty ( tCameraPropertyEnum type, newPropertyValue ); method. The automation must be disabled with Grabber::setProperty ( tCameraPropertyEnum type, false ); before setting the affected value manually.

See also: Grabber, Grabber::getProperty, Grabber::setProperty, Grabber::isPropertyAvailableWithCurDev, Grabber::tCameraPropertyEnum, Grabber::tVideoPropertyEnum

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