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Grabber::setProperty Method

Grabber::setProperty Method

This method sets the value for a device property of the current video capture device to a specific value or activates/deactivates the "automatic mode" for this property.
bool setProperty( tCameraPropertyEnum CameraPropType, bool autom );
bool setProperty( tVideoPropertyEnum VideoPropType, bool autom );
bool setProperty( tCameraPropertyEnum CameraPropType, long val );
bool setProperty( tVideoPropertyEnum VideoPropType, long val );
Parameter Description

Specifies the camera property to be set. The possible properties are specified by Grabber::tCameraPropertyEnum.


Specifies the video property to be set. The possible properties are specified by Grabber::tVideoPropertyEnum.


Specifies whether "automatic mode" will be enabled. true means: enable "automatic mode" and ignore the val parameter false means: disable "automatic mode" and use the val parameter


Set the property to the value val. The value should be in the range returned by Grabber::getPropertyRange for this property or an error occurs. The setting of a value will only work, if "automatic mode" is not specified and the property is supported by the currently active device.

Return value:

true, if the property was changed successfully, false otherwise.


A specific device supports only a subset of all defined properties. You can check whether a property is supported by the currently active device by calling Grabber::isPropertyAvailableWithCurDev.

"Automatic mode" is available only for a subset of the supported properties. To determine whether "automatic mode" is available for a certain property, call Grabber::isPropertyAutomationAvailableWithCurDev

To determine whether a property is set to "automatic mode" you have to call Grabber::isPropertyAutomationEnabled.

The default value for a property may be queried by calling Grabber::getPropertyDefault.

See also: Grabber, Grabber::getProperty, Grabber::getPropertyDefault, Grabber::getPropertyRange, Grabber::isPropertyAutomationEnabled, Grabber::isPropertyAvailableWithCurDev, Grabber::isPropertyAutomationAvailableWithCurDev, Grabber::tCameraPropertyEnum, Grabber::tVideoPropertyEnum

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