IC Imaging Control C++

New Methods added to existing classes

New Methods added to existing classes

List of methods that were added to exisiting classes or to the DShowLib namespace in IC Imaging Control 3.5


Checks whether the current video capture device supports video norms.


This method checks whether the currently opened video capture device supports input channels.


Checks whether a device can be queried if it has a video stream. (Some analog to digital video converters have this property).


Checks whether the currently selected video capture device supports different frame rates that can be set by the user.


Returns whether the device supports retrieving the current dropped frames counter.


Retrieves frame drop information from the driver if supported by it.


Retrieves the specified IVCDPropertyItem.


Retrieves the specified IVCDPropertyElement.


Retrieves the specified IVCDPropertyInterface.


Returns the serial number of the device.


This method returns FrameTypeInfo of thie video format.


Loads all *.ftf files in the passed in directory and adds them to the list of available frame filters.


Loads the specified DLL and adds its frame filters to the frame filter list.


This function initializes the IC Imaging Control class library without initilzing the COM library.

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