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What is new in version 3.1 since version 3.0

What is new in version 3.1 since version 3.0

Description of the changes from IC Imaging Control 3.0 to IC Imaging Control 3.1.

.NET Framework Compatibility

  • IC Imaging Control 3.1 introduces a new .NET 2.0 component, that does no longer depend on ICImagingControl.ocx.
  • IC Imaging Control 3.1 supports .NET 2.0 or higher.
  • IC Imaging Control 3.1 is saved in the Global Assembly Cache. Manual searching the DLLs is obsolete.

ICException has completely changed

ICException has completely changed from the older version, so beware.

  • ArgumentException -> argument invalid (and not 0)
  • ArgumentNullException -> null reference passed when object was required
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException -> out of range
  • NotSupportedException -> on unsupported methods
  • InvalidOperationException -> on invalid objects or invalid states
  • FormatException -> on casting problems in VCDProperty objects

Namespace Changes

The following types were moved from the ICImagingControl3 namespace to TIS.Imaging:

VCDSimpleProperty Class has been moved

The VCDSimpleProperty class has been integrated in the ICImagingControl3 component. Thus it is not longer necessary to add the sources files of this class as reference to a solution.

New Features

New Features Reference

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