IC LabView Extension

6. Trigger and Timing Example

6. Trigger and Timing Example

The Triger and Timing Example in Trigger.vi shows how to:

  • Open a device from a configuration file
  • Select an image type (Color or Monochrome)
  • Use External Trigger support
  • Measure the age of an image

Usage: This VI works like the simple examples above. If you open a device that provides a trigger input, you can activate it. Activate the trigger by switching the button on top of the control panel. If the switch is disabled, the selected device ignores the trigger input.

There are several text fields next to the IC Imaging Control output window. They provide timing information about the grabbed image. The following information is displayed:

  • The SampleStartTime is the time between the start of the image stream and the moment the image was delivered by the device.
  • The ReferenceTimeStart is the time at which the image stream coming from the device was started.
  • The ReferenceTimeCurrent is the current reference time.
  • The age of the grabbed image.

With ReferenceTimeStart and ReferenceTimeCurrent, it is possible to calculate the current time since the image stream was started. By comparing this time to the SampleStartTime, the age of the image can be calculated.

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