tcamprop for Raspberry PI OS

  • March 15, 2021 0.1.0
    tcamprop for Raspberry PI OS

    The tcamprop library is a GObject Introspection interface for device properties..




    March 15, 2021




    8.6 kB


    • Raspberry PI 4 B
    • The Imaging Source MIPI camera


    1. First release.

The tcamprop library is the GObject Introspection interface of the 'The Imaging Source' Linux SDK 'tiscamera'.

This standalone version is used by our closed source solutions. It is identical to the tcamprop libraries included in tiscamera.

The provided interface is for:

- device discovery

- property I​/​O

Released under the Apache 2.0 license to ensure maximum usability for our users.

Installation by "sudo apt install .​/​tiscamera-tcamprop_n.n.n.n_armhf_pi4.deb". Replace n.n.n.n by the version number in the file.

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