MIPI CSI-2 Cameras

The Imaging Source's MIPI CSI-2 cameras serve as the basis for exceptionally efficient computer vision applications. In addition to the single-board modules with direct camera-to-processor connection, The Imaging Source also offers camera modules with adapter boards for popular platform interfaces.

MIPI CSI-2 Cameras

MIPI CSI-2 Camera Modules From The Imaging Source

High-Performance Embedded Vision Camera Modules With 22-Pin and 15-Pin Interfaces

The MIPI CSI-2 protocol enables direct processor-to-ISP connection, resulting in exceptionally low latencies and small hardware footprint. The Imaging Source MIPI CSI-2 cameras are perfectly suited for single or multi-camera embedded vision applications in automotive and IoT as well as for standard machine vision applications.

The Imaging Source MIPI cameras feature the latest CMOS image sensors from Sony and onsemi (global and rolling shutter).

Equipped with advanced features, these 22-pin and 15-pin camera modules are designed to deliver exceptional image quality, reliability, and versatility, empowering developers in unlocking the full potential of embedded vision applications.

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  • High bandwidth: MIPI CSI-2 offers high-speed data transmission ensuring real-time imaging with minimal latency, making it ideal for video streams or image sequences.
  • Standardization: As an industry-standard interface, MIPI CSI-2 ensures hardware compatibility across platforms.
  • Sensors and resolutions: Sony and onsemi sensors (resolutions from 0.4 MP to 8.3 MP) with highest image quality and high frame rates (50 fps - 120 fps)
  • Form factor: Bare-board with mini lens holder (S-mount for M12 lenses) or with a front plate (C/CS-mount lenses)
  • Low power consumption: MIPI CSI-2's low power consumption makes it well-suited for systems with strict power constraints.
  • Free SDKs and end-user software: Complete driver packages for NVIDIA JetPack and tiscamera Linux SDK
  • Triggers and I/Os: Hardware and software trigger as well as I/Os for demanding machine vision applications
  • Warranty and long-term availability: 3-year warranty with continuous support

A Quick Guide to The Imaging Source's MIPI CSI-2 Cameras

36S Series MIPI CSI-2

22-Pin Single-Board Modules

Camera modules for use with up to four MIPI CSI-2 lanes

This compact camera module for embedded vision offers reliable and efficient sensor-to-ISP connection supporting up to four image data lanes with a total throughput of up to 10 Gb/sec and is compatible with Raspberry Pi.

The Imaging Source offers a curated portfolio of rolling and global shutter sensors from Sony and onsemi for the MIPI CSI-2 standard with resolutions from 0.4 MP- 2.3 MP. HDR imaging, triggering and form-factor options provide maximum flexibility for embedded vision projects.

Contact us to discuss your imaging requirements and explore the possibilities of embedded vision in your imaging application.

36S Series
36S Series MIPI CSI-2

36A Series MIPI CSI-2

15-Pin Board Modules

Camera modules for use with single or dual-lane embedded vision applications

The 15-pin connector has become the de facto industry standard in embedded vision, popularized by platforms like Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA. The Imaging Source's 15-pin board camera modules offer developers the advantage of seamlessly integrating with off-the-shelf carrier boards and hardware for their embedded vision projects. These camera modules provide a direct sensor-to-ISP connection, supporting one and two-lane imaging applications with a total throughput of up to 5 Gb/sec.

With 14 rolling and global shutter sensors, The Imaging Source offers developers a number of hardware features (e.g. resolutions, frame rates, HDR imaging, as well as trigger and form-factor options) to cover a variety of image processing challenges and applications.

Our sales engineers are ready to help you select the right sensor and lens combination for your application.

36A Series
36A Series