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Software Tools

IC Express

Modern cameras deliver images at very high speeds, so even fast SSD drives are often not enough to safely store all images. IC Express solves this problem by creating a large buffer in main memory where images are temporarily stored while waiting to be written to disk.

IC Express can also create short image series synchronized by software trigger from multiple cameras.

IC Express - High-Speed Image Capture Into Single Image Files
High speed image capture from one or more cameras into single image files.

Processor Idle State Manager

On some systems, overly aggressive power saving mechanisms can delay the transfer of image data over the USB interface which can lead to image errors and/or losses.

The Processor Idle State Manager can help resolve this issue by selecting other power options while a camera is connected.

Processor Idle State Manager
Tool to resolve the issue of dropped frames from FireWire and USB video capture devices, when connected to PC with a modern Intel® CPU.

Please contact support, if you would like to include the Processor Idle State Manager functionality as a library in your software.

Hot Pixel Correction

Most cameras manufactured by The Imaging Source are delivered with a table (or map) of defective pixels which allows the camera or driver can make a correction to the data.

During the camera's service life, other pixel defects may appear over time. The Hot Pixel Correction Tool re-calculates the defective pixels table allowing for the correction of newly occurring defects.

Hot Pixel Correction
Tool for updating the bad pixel table in the camera.

IC Fullscreen Presenter

IC Fullscreen Presenter program displays images from cameras supported by IC Imaging Control in full screen without disturbing controls.

IC Fullscreen Presenter - Video display on the entire screen
Program for showing the live video fullscreen.