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IC Imaging Control

IC Imaging Control is an SDK for acquiring images from a video source, such as The Imaging Source's industrial cameras, frame grabbers and video converters. The SDK automatically recognizes video sources and enables switching between them via program code. Single images, sequences of single images, and live video streams can be captured from the connected video source. The SDK's latest version, IC Imaging Control 4, implements a more universal approach, allowing for more efficient integration and compatibility.

IC Imaging Control 4 Architecture Overview IC Imaging Control 4 Architecture Overview

IC Imaging Control: What's New

IC Imaging Control 4 SDK (IC4) is The Imaging Source's unified software environment for improved cross-platform compatibility and integration of our industrial cameras. Allowing users access to the latest camera features without compatibility concerns, this comprehensive update leverages the GenICam GenTL standard.

Enhanced Compatibility: The IC4 SDK is fully GenICam GenTL compliant, providing full access to device settings and advanced camera features such as events and chunk data.

Versatile Device Drivers: The new device drivers (ic4-gentl-gigevision, ic4-gentl-usb3vision, and ic4-gentl-directshow) are available for use with IC Imaging Control 4. These drivers are not only compatible with our SDK, but are also designed to seamlessly integrate with third-party applications supporting GenICam GenTL, including popular third-party platforms such as MATLAB, and more.

Performance Optimization: In contrast to version 3.5, the API has undergone a redesign aimed at facilitating high-performance acquisition tasks. This includes a reduction in unnecessary copy operations, ensuring efficiency in your workflow.

Native Language Support: The IC Imaging Control 4 SDK caters to a diverse range of developers with native support for the following programming languages: C++, .NET, Python, and C. While the SDK's structure functions identically between the supported languages, the SDK incorporates language-specific idioms where possible to maximize developer productivity.

Sample Programs: A selection of example programs is available at GitHub.


Real-Time Video Preview: IC Imaging Control allows for real-time preview of video streams even at the maximum-possible frame rates of the video device.

Multi-Stream Preview for Surveillance: IC Imaging Control SDK can also be used to simultaneously preview multiple video streams, making it suitable for surveillance applications.

Built-In Scrolling and Zooming: Images can be easily adjusted via built-in scrolling and zooming as needed to meet specific inspection requirements or to fill the entire screen or window.

Capture and Save Single Image Frames: Single image frames can be captured from a live video stream. Once acquired to the image buffer, the images may be saved as a BMP, TIFF, PNG or JPEG file.

Frame Queue Management: A number of frames can be acquired to image buffers which are organized as a queue. A software callback can be registered to be executed whenever a new buffer is filled.

Device Selection Dialog: IC Imaging Control provides a dialog box that allows the end user to select a video capture device. Video capture devices can be queried from program code for their settings in order to build customized dialog boxes. A complete dialog implementation is available as part of the example library.

GenICam Feature Manipulation: IC Imaging Control provides a dialog that allows you to manipulate all GenICam features of a video capture device.

Serial Number Retrieval: If supported by the video capture device, the device's serial number can be retrieved via IC Imaging Control and used as a dongle.


IC Imaging Control 4 is a software development kit (SDK) for accessing The Imaging Source cameras using C++, .NET, Python and C programming languages:

IC Imaging Control 4 SDK

IC Imaging Control 4 requires new camera drivers:

GenTL Producer for GigE Vision Cameras

GenTL Producer for USB3 Vision Cameras (BETA)

GenTL Producer for Non-GenICam Cameras (BETA)


Please have a look at the following Documentation resources:

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Please contact support, if you need any assistance using the software.