The Imaging Source, LLC

Corporate Policy

As of January 13, 2023.

The Imaging Source is a multinational company headquartered in Germany with subsidiaries in the USA and Taiwan.Since 1988, we have been a leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial cameras and image processing systems for industrial, scientific and medical applications.We stand for exceptional product and service quality and offer products designed and manufactured for long, maintenance-free operation.The Imaging Source is committed to the highest quality with the goal of continuously improving products and processes.In addition, environmental protection is an important part of our corporate management.

The Imaging Source, LLC is committed to the following fundamental principles:

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We attach great importance to customer feedback and use it to continuously improve our products and processes.

We establish continuous improvement of the company through the participation of all employees in analyzing problems and making suggestions for improvement, as well as in the development of robust products and processes. Operational environmental performance is also subject to this continuous improvement process.

We comply with all legal and regulatory requirements as well as the requirements of other interested parties in the development and manufacture of our products.

We share our quality management practices with our suppliers to ensure the highest quality, competitive prices and on-time deliveries. In so doing, it is also our goal to draw attention to environmental aspects along our supply chain.

We meet our quality and environmental targets. These targets are monitored and evaluated throughout. Company management provides all the resources required for this.

We form capable and motivated teams, which are integrated into our company. The management supports the skills, creativity and sense of responsibility of all employees.

Management is responsible for achieving quality and environmental goals and ensuring that all employees understand their job-specific responsibilities in order to deliver the highest quality throughout the company.

Jason Covar
General Manager
January 13, 2023