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Integrator Profile: Customized Image Processing Solutions by phil-vision GmbH

Published on November 21, 2022

Image processing is used in a wide variety of applications and requires not only a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance cameras, but also experienced system integrators to implement the vision solutions. For years, phil-vision has been working successfully with The Imaging Source to deliver an array of custom imaging solutions for their clients. Ranging from industrial optical control systems for PCB coatings to 3D camera systems for automated wall production of modular housing, phil-vision decades of combined experience, enables them to realize clever, customized solutions for demanding image processing tasks in a wide range of industries and applications.

<b>Decades of combined experience:</b> <i>phil-vision</i> realizes clever, customized solutions for demanding image processing tasks from industrial automation to one-of-a-kind solutions for customer-specific imaging tasks.

GigE: One Interface - a Variety of Applications

Patrick Gailer, Managing Director of >phil-vision commented, "whenever easy handling and integration and a perfect interaction with HALCON is required, The Imaging Source industrial cameras are used." For many of their applications, phil-vision uses The Imaging Source's GigE industrial cameras. Versatile GigE Vision cameras are widely used in industrial applications because of their simplicity, performance, and value: simplified system integration via GigE Vision compliance, single-cable design (PoE), longer possible cable lengths without sacrificing data transfer rates. As a system integrator, phil-vision has generously supplied us with some of their recent applications using The Imaging Source's GigE industrial cameras.

<strong>GigE Industrial Cameras:</strong> Widely used in industrial applications because of their simplicity, performance, and value, GigE industrial cameras also offer efficient system integration thanks to their GigE Vision compliance.

Electronics: For a PCB coating system, The Imaging Source's GigE color cameras were used to create an optical inspection application. The vision system reads barcodes and plain text on the objects (OCR), as well as determining the position and location of fiducials (registration marks). In addition to delivering the respective live images, individual images are stitched to display entire assemblies. In the application, 12 images have to be merged seamlessly, which is ensured by a previous calibration and equalization as well as a very homogeneous lighting concept. The customer receives all cameras pre-calibrated by phil-vision after which only small adjustments to the x/y position are made. Patrick Geiler remarked, "this volume application needed robust industrial cameras with an excellent price/resolution ratio which The Imaging Source consistently provides us with."

<strong>Optical inspection application for a PCB coating system:</strong> The vision system reads barcodes and plain text on the objects (OCR), as well as determining the position and location of fiducials.

Technical Ceramics Manufacturer: For a manufacturer of technical ceramics, phil-vision developed a system for the inspection of ceramic components. As a volume application, this vision solution also required affordable, robust cameras: GigE color cameras are used to capture position/rotation and position of the ceramic parts for transfer to robots. A special challenge of the application was the fact that the parts can be printed or unprinted and a highly accurate positioning of the respective "centers" has to be done correctly in any case.

Print Production: In the printing industry, 3 MP GigE color cameras (DFK 33GX265) are being used to develop a stand-alone system for automated optical fold quality control for a leading manufacturer of folding machines. Under controlled lighting conditions, two highly sensitive color cameras image the folded sheets whereupon the accuracy of the fold is determined by measuring the cutting mark position relative to the outer edge of the paper. Moving at speeds of up to 180 m/s, the system cannot be stopped for measurement and the total process time per sheet is limited to 40 ms. Here, too, the fast, small cameras from TIS were the perfect solution.

<strong>In-line measurement of fold accuracy:</strong> Moving at speeds of up to 180 m/s, the vision system measures fold accuracy for an industrial printer.

Special-Purpose Machine Manufacturer - Modular Housing: A particularly challenging example comes from the modular house construction industry: phil-vision developed 3D camera systems for automated planking of wall elements for a manufacturer of special machinery in the prefabricated house production sector. A state-of-the-art 3D camera system detects the respective panel position and transfers the exact position data to a robot, which then takes over the precise planking. The system consists of eight DMK 33GX183 20 MP GigE monochrome cameras and two pattern projectors. The four stereo systems generate a complete point cloud with just one shot. Each board, cellulose or sheetrock wall is unique and, in terms of tolerances, is manufactured to lower tolerances than the required positioning accuracy. At the same time, this automation requires an enormous degree of robustness and precision. For example, 4 cubic meters of measurement volume must be measured to 0.1 mm accuracy in 3D within 8 seconds.

<strong>Modular Housing:</strong> A state-of-the-art 3D camera system detects the respective panel position and transfers the exact position data to a robot.

Years of Successful Cooperation

Expert integrators like phil-vision bring the latest vision and automation technologies to the shop floor. Roozbeh Saraei (Sales Engineer from The Imaging Source) who has worked with phil-vision on many projects commented, "In every machine vision system, it is critical to realize the best possible image. phil-vision's extensive image processing expertise enables them to find the best solution for the application-especially with more challenging projects where lighting is key to create strong contrast definition or where HALCON plays a critical role in the application. They've been a dependable and trusted partner for many years."

In reference to the many years of successful cooperation with The Imaging Source, Patrick Gailer commented: "In addition to high-performance products, fast response times to our questions are enormously important to us. Uncomplicated and technically very competent, The Imaging Source is a reliable, long-term partner. Especially with more complex technical questions, the experts in Bremen always deliver rapid, skilled support. The combination of German design and low-cost production in Asia means that TIS is able to offer cameras with an excellent price/performance ratio, which we are happy to use for a wide variety of applications."

Many thanks to phil-vision GmbH for texts and images.

MVTec Releases HALCON 22.11: Customers save up to 25%

Published on November 7, 2022

HALCON 22.11 On November 22, 2022, MVTec will release HALCON 22.11. This release includes a targeted use of deep learning which raises existing machine vision technologies to new levels, allowing for the efficient automation of complex applications. For example by combining 3D vision and deep learning for the first time, HALCON's 3D Gripping Point Detection robustly detects object surfaces suitable for suction grippers. This new HALCON version will be released simultaneously for the HALCON Steady and HALCON Progress editions, meaning HALCON Steady customers will have access to the many new features available from the last three Progress releases, including global context anomaly detection, training for deep OCR, and optimized identification technologies.

To learn all about the new features of HALCON 22.11, MVTec will offer a webinar to show customers how they can improve their machine vision applications with the new HALCON 22.11 functionalities. The webinar takes place on November 23, 2022 at 9:00 CET.

Limited-time Offer!

To celebrate the release of HALCON 22.11 and MVTec's 25th anniversary, customers will receive a 25% discount on all HALCON Steady 22.11 SDK products from November 22 to December 16, 2022. This discount applies to new licenses, upgrades and deep learning add-ons for the HALCON Steady edition.

Additionally, each new SDK subscription for HALCON Progress received during the campaign period will be extended by 25 weeks at no additional charge (thereafter extended for the regular 12 months).

To take advantage of the special discounted price, please contact our HALCON pre-sales engineers who will send you a quotation for your specific requirements.

Please Note: The Imaging Source is a certified MVTec distributor for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and number of other countries around the world. Find the authorized MVTec distributor for your country.

The Imaging Source at MVTec Days 2022

Published on November 2, 2022

MVTec Software GmbH, a leading international manufacturer of machine vision software, invited business partners from Germany and abroad to their Munich headquarters for a three-day educational and networking event: MVTec Days. The event was the first MVTec Days to be held in person after a two-year break.

<strong>MVTec Days 2022:</strong> TIS joins MVTec at their Munich headquarters for training, demonstrations, and networking.

As a long-time MVTec distributor and Image Acquisition Partner, The Imaging Source offers its customers more than 20 years of experience with HALCON and MERLIC, as well as support, and training for the software.

Many thanks to MVTec for the constructive, collaborative and long-standing partnership: We're looking forward to MVTec Days 2023!

The Imaging Source Welcomes New Head of Sales EMEA

Published on November 1, 2022

The Imaging Source announces the appointment of Aljoscha Schu as Head of Sales EMEA at its headquarters in Bremen. The announcement comes at an exciting time for The Imaging Source as it continues to expand its sales and product teams to better serve its growing customer base.

<strong>Aljoscha Schu</strong> joins the team at The Imaging Source as <strong>Head of Sales EMEA</strong> at its headquarters in Bremen.

Joining Günter Arztmiller as Managing Director and Keisuke Otaki as Product Manager, Aljoscha is the latest addition to the industrial camera manufacturer's management team, and in his role, will be spearheading sales strategy for the company.

With a background in semiconductor and microsystems technology, automated laser and optics adjustment, Aljoscha has project management and international sales experience with complex technical products.

TIS Industrial Cameras at RoboDEX Nagoya

Published on October 31, 2022

The Imaging Source's Japanese partner Argo Corp. showcased The Imaging Source's industrial camera product portfolio during RoboDEX Nagoya, held on Oct.26 - 28, 2022. As a Japanese industrial center and major port city, Nagoya is home to Toyota as well as many other large manufacturers, making it a logical choice for Japan's leading robotics technology exhibition.

The Argo team provided visitors with expert product consultation regarding camera performance and lens requirements enabling visitors to quickly find the best camera / lens combination for their application.

Many thanks to Argo Corp. for a great show!

<strong>RoboDEX Nagoya 2022:</strong> The experts from Argo Corp. and industrial cameras from The Imaging Source.

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