Industrial cameras for digital microscopy

Published on June 8, 2009 by TIS Marketing.

The cameras, manufactured by The Imaging Source, are best known for their deployment in industrial machine vision applications, quality insurance and automated inspection. The Imaging Source has been manufacturing hardware and software for more than twenty years. Using this vast experience, The Imaging Source has been able to expand the domain in which its cameras are used to include medicine and science.

Christian Linkenheld is an avid user of digital microscopes and decided to try the USB CCD color camera DFK 41AU02 for one of his microscopy images documentation projects. He has published a detailed report about the results of his tests, which includes a number of sample images and animations. The report aims to illustrate to the interested reader how The Imaging Source cameras can be best used for microscopy applications.

Below is a photo, which shows his setup:

You can also read the full report (German): DFK 41AU02 For Microscopy

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