"What do you do at work?" - Girls' & Boys' Day 2016

Published on May 12, 2016 by TIS Marketing.

Beyond the vague notions of astronaut, veterinarian, fireman and rock star, most children have a difficult time imagining how a typical place of business functions. "What do you do at work all day?" is a question most of us have heard at one point or another. The Imaging Source invited some children for Girls' and Boys' Day 2016 to find out.

During a short introduction to machine vision, they learned how cameras capture visual data which is then processed and analyzed by software into actionable information - and how in turn such information can benefit people in terms of efficiency, safety and quality. The students then had the opportunity to visit the individual departments and see the different professions and vocations that make industrial imaging a reality: R&D, hardware and software development, technical support, sales, administration, human resources and bookkeeping.

While many colleagues explained they always knew what they wanted to do, some shared that they only stumbled onto their vocations by accident. When asked for their impressions of the day, one girl responded: "I hadn't really ever thought about a 'technical' job before, but it's not dry and boring like I thought. I didn't know there were cameras in so many machines. [It] was way cooler than I expected." We hope that many students experienced a similar "aha" moment on Girls' and Boys' Day 2016.

Future engineers, busy at The Imaging Source