Automate 2017

Published on April 28, 2017 by TIS Marketing.

From April 3-6, The Imaging Source welcomed visitors to its booth at Automate 2017. On display were the 42 MP autofocus camera, USB and GigE color and monochrome cameras featuring the latest Sony and On Semiconductor sensors as well as The Imaging Source's new stereo 3D-vision system.

Automate 2017: Zoom, autofocus and stereo 3D-vision displayed at North America's broadest automation trade show.

As North America's premier automation trade show, Automate 2017 hosted industry leaders in robotics, machine vision, metrology as well as other automation sectors. The biennial show, which took place in Chicago, experienced a nearly 25% increase in exhibitors over 2015. Robotics-based topics dominated (nearly 40%) the conference sessions, but the talks also included topics such as 3D vision, smart manufacturing, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) - numbers which attest to the continuing strength and expansion of industrial automation in the North American market.