Girls' and Boys' Day 2018

Published on May 4, 2018 by TIS Marketing.

If you happened to be in a place of business on April 26, perhaps you encountered groups of young people roaming your halls - that's because the fourth Thursday in April is Girls' and Boys' Day (in the U.S. Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day ). This educational initiative exposes young students to a variety of different career paths and allows them to gain direct experience with professionals and specialists in their work environments.

Girls' and Boys' Day 2018 at The Imaging Source: Learning about machine vision, 3D and virtual reality.

Four girls and two boys joined the engineers and production team at The Imaging Source for Girls' and Boys' Day 2018. Engineers introduced the students to machine vision and its applications as well as the impact imaging has on peoples' lives - taking a closer look at a 3D system and a virtual-reality-focused student project. A visit to production rounded out the day where students tried their hand at camera production and testing.