IC Imaging Control 4: The Imaging Source's Unified Software Environment for Image Processing Applications

Published on January 25, 2024 by TIS Marketing.

The Imaging Source has evolved alongside advancements in image processing technology for over thirty years, developing increasingly sophisticated software for a diverse range of machine vision systems and integrators. This progression introduced complexities, necessitating a revamped software approach to ensure broader platform compatibility and comprehensive camera feature access. The introduction of IC Imaging Control 4 (IC4) marks The Imaging Source's strategic shift to a unified software environment, optimizing cross-platform integration for industrial cameras using the GenICam GenTL standard. This blog post gives an overview of the changes; you can find additional information on our IC Imaging Control 4 product page.

IC Imaging Control 4: The Imaging Source's unified software environment

What is IC Imaging Control 4? A Few Key Takeaways

  • Native support for multiple programming languages (.NET, Python, C++, C) with unified API
  • Fully GenICam-compliant, ensuring comprehensive camera feature utilization and enhanced interoperability with leading third-party software such as MATLAB and NeuroCheck
  • Intuitive SDK for precise camera configuration and control with advanced features such as single image capture, sequential image acquisition, and video recording
  • Variety of example programs available on GitHub
  • Comprehensive support for Windows, with expanded compatibility for Linux x64 and ARM platforms in Q3 2024

Software Architecture: Overview of IC Imaging Control 4

Transitioning to IC Imaging Control 4

The API documentation includes transition guidance for users of previous versions of IC Imaging Control. However, immediate porting for existing projects using IC Control 3.x, is not necessary as previous versions will continue to be supported. New projects, especially those using GigE Vision and USB3 Vision cameras, should ideally be developed using IC4 for optimal functionality (e.g. advanced camera features) and future readiness. You can download IC Imaging Control 4 here.

Future Roadmap

Future development of IC4 is focused on continuous improvement and expansion:

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