GStreamer Plugin

tcamdutils 32 Bit for Raspberry PI OS


tcamdutils is a GStreamer-1.0 module which offers a multitude of image enhancement and conversion algorithms. The module is highly optimized for speed on the used CPU (or CPU performance).

Platform: LinuxLinux Latest
Released: Jun 2022
Type: DEB
Filesize: 657.9 kB


  • ARMv7 CPU
  • For example Raspberry PI 4
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 32 bit, Raspberry PI OS or similar Linux distribution
  • tiscamera GStreamer modules
  • The Imaging Source camera


tiscamera 1.0 compatibility

0.14.0 Jul 2021 DEB 654.4 kB
0.13.2 Apr 2021 DEB 627.1 kB
0.13.0 Feb 2021 DEB 533.3 kB